Michael H. Marino, MD has been appointed Medical Director of ReMed’s Philadelphia area programs.  Dr. Marino, who has been an attending physician at the Drucker Brain Injury Center of Moss Rehab since 2012, will be responsible for coordinating medical efforts on behalf of ReMed clients in the Philadelphia area and will be a liaison with other physicians and practitioners who might be involved in the care and treatment of the individuals that ReMed serves.


Dr. Marino brings a deep understanding of the special needs presented by individuals who have sustained brain injury, with special appreciation in the areas of complex issues and wide ranging needs of individuals with the diagnoses of concussion and brain injury, including anoxia.


Dr. Marino said, “I welcome the opportunity to continue the impressive work that has been done by ReMed and Dr. Keith Robinson. Strengthening ties between Moss Rehab and ReMed is a natural move. Both organizations prioritize patients’ needs, value their staff members and understand that a team-oriented approach with high levels of communication will produce the best outcomes. My goal is to continue to provide high quality care for individuals with brain injuries while strengthening our research endeavors for community based rehabilitation.”


“Dr. Marino’s wide range of skills coupled with his mission of putting those that we serve first, make him an ideal fit for the unique culture of ReMed and ReMed’s focus on doing what’s best for the individual every day,”  said Mary Pat Murphy, Vice President of Clinical Services.  “I believe he is a natural fit for continuing the work that Dr. Robinson has done for ReMed over the past 20 years.”


Dr. Marino received his medical degree from Temple University, School of Medicine in Philadelphia and served his Internship and Residency at Drexel University School of Medicine and Temple University/Moss Rehab. He is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Medicine. He has presented and published papers on numerous topics relating to brain injury and disease and is well recognized in the Philadelphia area as an expert in PM&R, especially in areas associated with Traumatic Brain Injury.