CARF stated that the “leadership at ReMed guides direction of the organization in a manner that is noteworthy for its outstanding service effectiveness.  In 2016, the organization, worked with an outside consultant to formalize The ReMedian Way and develop its 31 Fundamentals, supporting ReMed’s culture and ethical behaviors to capture the foundation for its unique culture.  The ReMedian Way is a code of behavior formalized by the organization recently for all staff members and it is a way of engagement to ensure a healthy culture, staff accountability, and keeping ReMed true to its mission.  All of the therapeutic staff members have a code of conduct that is evident throughout the organization in all programs and locations. Every Sunday night the CEO sends the “fundamental of the week”out by e-mail to all staff.  On Wednesday, the staff gets an e-mail lesson with a multiple choice answer that relates to the fundamental of the week.  Evert meeting begins with the fundamental of the week to allow staff member to share their thoughts and ideas about what it means to them.  The reults have been positive.  The staff members are reported to hold each other accountable to the Fundamental, they discuss with each other in the halls and in meetings and in their daily interactions with each other, clients and other stakeholders. The ReMedian Way is shared with the public on the ReMed website.  It elevates people to common a culture and accountability and gives them another connection (quite personal) to the leadership and the CEO, which provides the foundation and framework for the culture at ReMed.”

We are very proud of our Exemplary Conformance designation on an area of ReMed that truly reflects the deep rooted culture of our organization!