A Journey with Real Direction

We focus on ability instead of disability

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Founded in 1984 on the single premise that people with brain injuries have potential to return to an active life in the community.  ReMed’s extensive continuum of care allows access at varying levels and stages of recovery.  Whether the injury is mild, moderate or severe, ReMed’s philosophy is to meet the person where the need is and establish goals that work in the clinical setting and in the “real world” too.  Residential and outpatient services are provided in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA, East Brunswick, NJ and Columbia and Silver Spring, MD areas.  Group homes and apartments that are owned or leased by ReMed provide a comfortable and functional place for our residential clients to call home either on a short or long term basis.  Our state of the art outpatient clinics are bright and friendly.  And ReMed staff will travel to provide services in a person’s home, community, school or work site.

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A Few Things Our Clients, Their Families and Funders Say About Us

Our clients tell us that the thing they like most about ReMed is:

“The staff at ReMed are working every day to figure every way to help me to get better.”

“Staff here are the nicest and best and caring and the most helpful staff I have ever experienced in my life since my accident.”

“Staff helped me believe in myself and my future.”

 During their stay at ReMed, some of the accomplishments they are most proud of:

“Getting some control of my life back.”

“Being supported to work, to volunteer, to do charity work.”

“Improving my social skills and learning to control my temper.”

“My rehabilitation and progress because ReMed has taught me so much and they helped me so much to readjust to living life with my brain injury.”

Families tell us: 

“ReMed is a wonderful program. I am glad my family member is there to improve his health/life.”

“Staff have treated my family member with courtesy, empathy and respect. Staff are professional, actively listening to his concerns.”

“Reports are thorough and treatment plan comprehensive.”

“Your dedication, professionalism and warm hearts reassure us that our son is in the best of hands on his road to recovery.”

 Funder comments include:

“Very kind and professional staff.”

“Beyond expectations”

“I have had the pleasure to using ReMed for clients over the years and the results have always been amazing. I will continue to send my clients to ReMed.”