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preadmission process

We've streamlined our administrative  processes to manage as much of the paperwork and admissions functions for you. Everything from securing the funding and the patient profile to working with the patient's family.  We gather every piece of information necessary so that we can set realistic expectations for treatment planning. 

We make things easier for you so that we can make things easier for your patient.  And that's our primary concern. 

Prior to admission, an intake evaluation that includes a complete review of current and past medical reports, a psychosocial history and behavioral observation helps us to  assess each person's potential, diagnose any underlying symptoms hindering progress, and find ways to help them maximize functioning.   

All of this information goes into the initial treatment plan  developed specifically for each individual, with clearly defined goals and strategies for both the patient and the family. 

The evaluation can be completed where the patient is - home, hospital, rehabilitation program - or the patient can come to ReMed for the evaluation. 

Because each brain injury and each person is unique, our rehabilitation protocols will differ greatly.  In each case, ReMed meets the patient where the need is.