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rehabilitation programs

There's virtually nothing ReMed isn't prepared for.  Our continuum of care provides varying levels of services, from intensive neurobehavioral environments to rehabilitation programs to outpatient services and long-term supported living.

State-of-the-art therapies, combined with the proper environment and pragmatic performance measurements, are critical to each person's success. Everything we do is designed to help a successful return to life at the optimal level of independence and quality.

We understand that brain injury rehabilitation is a highly individualized journey into uncharted territory-a journey taken by one person, each step has its own unique set of challenges. But we thrive on challenges. Whether the injury is mild, moderate or severe, we can provide residential and outpatient services on a short-term, long-term, or episodic basis.

We go beyond giving you a prescriptive path for success; we offer practical guidelines-real direction, for a  successful return to real life.

For specific information about ReMed's programs, and admission/discharge criteria click on the links below:

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Admission and Discharge Criteria: