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supported living services

ReMed's Long Term Supported Living System is ideal for individuals who need greater levels of structure and support than their families can provide at home.

One of the key factors of long-term success is making sure people with brain injury continue to lead healthy, meaningful lives. From monitoring day-to-day health issues to assessing how an individual ages, we're constantly working on new strategies and programming to ensure a high quality of life.

Depending on the evaluation and treatment plan, varying levels of support in a wide variety of environments are available to meet the unique long-term needs of individuals with acquired brain injury.

Our community re-entry program provides the support necessary for you or your family member to maintain as independent a life as possible. Community re-entry serves individuals who are capable of maintaining some type of employment or pursuing educational opportunities. Small homes and apartments located throughout the community offer and a safe and supportive living environment, with individuals following an established medication protocol and participating in recommended groups and therapies.  

ReMed's medically-based, supported-living programs are group home environments designed and staffed for individuals with non-acute medical needs related to their brain injury. Medical issues brought on by aging, including incontinence, difficulty swallowing, compromised mobility, decreased cognition, and post-surgical problems are just some of the issues we work with in these programs.  

For people with low-intensity but long-term neurobehavioral challenges, ReMed can also provide a supported-living environment.  The key goal of this program is to maintain behavioral stability; low-stimulation environments have proven very effective in achieving that goal. Vocational pursuits, community access, and social and leisure activities are important aspects of this program because they offer a stable, meaningful daily routine and activity pattern.  

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Admission and Discharge Criteria