Two ReMed in Partnership with Learning Services Nurses Honored at the 2020 ARN REACH Virtual Conference


Mary Pat Murphy, MSN, CRRN, CBIST - Chief Clinical Officer

2020 Nurse Executive Award


This award recognizes a rehabilitation nurse who has contributed to the advancement of rehabilitation nursing care in a high-level administrative role. In her more than 25 years at ReMed, she has continually demonstrated leadership, innovation, and effectiveness while supporting educational development of staff and successfully representing rehabilitation nursing. In addition to her involvement with ARN, Mary Pat serves on the Academy  of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) Board of Governors and has played an instrumental role in the development of the Foundation to Advance Brain Rehabilitation (FABR). A thought leader in the brain Injury community, Mary Pat has lived and embodied the philosophy that rehabilitation nursing is not a location or a facility but an approach, a way of caring for individuals with disabilities and their families, along the continuum of care and throughout their entire lives.



Sharon Hallahan, BSN, RN, CRRN, CBIS - Rehabilitation Case Manager

2020 Case Manager Award

This award recognizes a nurse who has actively engaged in the advancement of the case manager’s role within the rehabilitation field. As a Case Manager in ReMed’s Supported Living System Sharon works with some of the most medically and behaviorally challenging people we serve. She continually demonstrates the implementation of transdisciplinary coordination and cooperation, serves as a mentor to new case managers and is a fierce advocate for the people we serve as well as the go to person for their family members and loved ones.  She has been a member of the local ARN chapter, Greater Phila. Chapter of ARN, for many years.  She has served on the board much of that time, and has served as President twice. Sharon is an extraordinary rehabilitation nurse, compassionate caregiver, amazing co-worker, and a true pioneer in long term TBI care and transitions through their life long medical challenges.

Sharon H headshot.JPG