In about 20% of individuals who have sustained a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury symptoms, which fall outside of the realm of what is considered typical, may persist.  these symptoms can include memory, attention deficits, poor emotional control, among other symptoms, which may prevent them from returning to work successfully or at all.  This may be complicated further by the interfering cognitive and emotional symptoms. A few things to consider if you have a claimant that may have complex concussion symptoms which are making return to work difficult:


  • The complexity of symptoms experienced by someone with a concussion may necessitate more time than what is considered typical.

  • Prior to the consideration of the employee returning to the workplace ensure all cognitive, perceptual, and physical limitations  are evaluated and treated.

  • Promote good communication between the injured worker, the employer, the case manager and the provider to ensure a dynamic, flexible plan is developed and will meet the goals of everyone involved over the long term.

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