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Who was David Strauss?

David Strauss, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist, kept a statue in his office of a man who walks into a telephone booth and comes out soaring into the air, wearing a SuperMan costume.


Forty-eight years old, he dedicated his life to helping brain injured adults. In 1984, he co-founded a company called ReMed based just outside Philadelphia that specializes in rehabilitation and long term care for people with brain injuries.   David Strauss, the man who helped so many people learn to live again, died on July 10, 2004, just 19 months after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called a glioblastoma.  The constant support of his wife Nancy, his two sons Adam and  Josh, his ReMed family and a network of devoted friends and clients, helped David endure three surgeries, chemotherapy, experimental drug treatments, physical rehabilitation  . . . “I just want to live,” he said.


From the moment he was diagnosed in December 2002, David remained optimistic. He was honest about his disease and his efforts to fight it, regularly writing poignant letters to friends and colleagues.  He gave a remarkable lecture called “Loss of Self After Neurological Injury” to his ReMed clients and staff, and the tragic turn-of-the-table was not lost on anyone.


David never lost his ability to laugh. An incredible athlete who liked nothing more than to ski, bike or run up and down mountains, David endured the loss of his athletic prowess as each treatment left him less physically capable than before. He never complained. At first he limped, then walked with a cane, then used a wheelchair to preserve his energy; he gradually lost all use of his left arm, and the simple act of tying his shoes became impossible.


David Strauss was a hero for the remarkable, vibrant life he lived and the countless lives he touched by helping people with traumatic brain injuries. And when you come out of the telephone booth and soar, that is what being SuperMan is all about.      


Nomination Procedure


Click here to for a 2018 Nomination Form and mail or e-mail your nomination for the 2018 David L. Strauss Award to Nikki Glimp by November 30, 2018 ( or 484-595-9300 ext 119).  If you have any questions about the David L. Strauss Award or concerning submission of your nomination, please contact me at 484-595-9300 ext. 119 or at


Deadline for receipt of nomination is 3:00 p.m. (EST) on November 30, 2018.

Committee members and previous award winners are not eligible for nomination.

The Award Program


The David L. Strauss Award was created in 2003 by ReMed to honor an individual whose work has significantly improved the quality of life for people with brain injuries.  The recipient of this award will be a person who exhibits leadership, dedication and a commitment to meet the needs of persons with acquired brain injury; a person who consistently demonstrates excellence, creative problem-solving and an ability to think outside the box, as identified in ReMed’s Mission Statement and Guiding Principles.  The award will be passed on to other ReMedians who demonstrate by their thoughts, actions and deeds that they are doing it the right way, the way David taught us.  The David L. Strauss Award will be given to the ReMedian who exemplifies David’s spirit and actions.