Do What's Best for the Individuals We Serve - They Come First.


"We are entrusted with some of the most vulnerable patients across any clinical continuum. Keeping the 1st Fundamental First, allows our teams to share, as their overriding objective, the well-being of every individual that ReMed serves.

Drew McCartney

Chief Executive Officer

Embracing a set of values and keeping the organization focused on the mission.

Drew McCartney starts each day challenging himself with three tasks:

  1. Making the organization a desirable place for employees to want to come to work each day

  2. Keeping the organization on task to provide exceptional and seamless care to the individuals served

  3. Building a business where our stakeholders want to participate and partner with us


When Drew was searching for his next opportunity, ReMed became a front runner because he enjoys working with mission-centric organizations that provide care for vulnerable patient populations. In all of his past experiences, Drew has stayed true to an organization’s mission. His experience along with his desire to stay true to the mission will serve ReMed well.


​Drew believes everything starts with ReMed’s 1st Fundamental - DO WHAT’S BEST FOR THE INDIVIDUALS WE SERVE — THEY COME FIRST. He believes that by keeping the 1st Fundamental First, ReMed teams share, as their overriding objective, the well-being of every individual that ReMed serves.


​Personally, ReMed’s 1st Fundamental resonates deeply with Drew.  In the spring of 1999, his oldest child Lauren was born at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis via an emergency caesarian section.  Weighing only 1 lb., 10 oz.’s, she was whisked via an underground passage to adjoining Children’s Hospital - Minneapolis.  Lauren spent eight weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and for those 63 days, she battled a ventricular septal defect, c-diff, and a host of other challenges that kept Drew and his wife, Barbara, in the NICU during most of that journey. Over those 63 days, never did any Children’s physician, nurse, respiratory therapy, janitorial, imaging, or administrative staff member slip. They were 100% focused on providing superlative care for all the children in the unit. Today, Lauren is thriving in her freshman year, living at Centenary University and considering a career in equine studies.


Drew takes his responsibilities and the responsibilities of ReMed seriously and is dedicated to striving for efficiency and simplicity in our processes and systems.  Over the next couple of months he is dedicated to visiting all of ReMed’s programs, meeting with staff and spending time in the field getting to know the industry. 


​Drew enjoys playing platform tennis and golf, coaches and cheers his children on in all of their activities, and enjoys spending time with his wife.  And while he is serious about his professional and personal responsibilities, he tries not to take himself too seriously.