Complex Cases.  Outcomes that Work.

ReMed’s Neurorehabilitation Services are designed for individuals who require a residential environment focused on post-acute rehabilitation and community re-entry. Our therapeutically intense setting provides medical intervention and support, rehabilitation, and cognitive retraining and intervention. Through comprehensive assessment and treatment, functional abilities are assessed and treatment plans are designed to facilitate independent daily living skills, communication, vocational pursuits and leisure interests. The key to stability and success is for the medical and rehabilitation teams to identify and address issues so that the individual is stable enough to progress to an independent or semi-independent living environment.

Serving individuals with medical and cognitive complexities who require a moderate to high level of support and services, this intensive environment includes state-of-the-art therapies and clinical interventions in an adapted home-like environment. Interventions result in the individual reaching an optimal level of function and independence and a life that is meaningful to them.

Transitional apartments are available for those requiring support that identifies and addresses community re-entry needs. Focusing on community access, vocational rehabilitation and leisure management, small homes and apartments provide an optimal environment for developing and practicing skills necessary for living in the community.

ReMed’s Neurorehabilitation Programs identify and address functional and cognitive issues so that an individual can move on to an optimal level of independence and a life that is meaningful.