The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to improve function which will allow and individual to participate as independently and fully as possible in his/her community of choice. Reports from the treatment team, the family and the individual are helpful but can be vastly different and are not quantifiable. At ReMed, we feel that it is critical to use quantifiable outcome data which not only shows progress, but is helpful in advocating for services and proving the value of the rehabilitation and care that a person is receiving. 

At ReMed we utilize four rating scales to measure the progress and outcomes of our clients, the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Index (MPAI), the Supervision Rating Scale (SRS), and the Agitated Behavior Scale (ABS).  While the MPAI is the backbone of ReMed's Outcomes Measurement System, each of these scales give a comprehensive picture of the levels of disability and function of the individuals we serve in our programs.  These scales also best meet the broad range of the individuals we serve in our extensive System of Comprehensive Services. 

Our Programs Improve the Lives of the Individuals that we Serve

In 2018

ReMed served

73% Male
27% Female
5 Years Post Injury at Admission
356 People
41 Locations


Average Age