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Re Med ian

/Re Med EE an/

- Noun -

an employee of ReMed who works and becomes part of the culture of the organization

As a 27-year (nonclinical) veteran of ReMed, I’ve witnessed many ups and downs through the years. Some are a result of what is happening in the Real World and some a result of what is happening in the ReMed World. And through these ups and downs, I am most amazed at ReMed staff who keep things going so that the people we serve may continue to be served every single day.

In the very early days of ReMed, we had a Medical Director who coined the term ReMedian. And we took that term and ran with it - our newsletter is The ReMedian, our 31 Fundamentals are known as The ReMedian Way and you will hear the term ReMedian tossed about when we are describing our staff.

During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 world in which we are living, I am truly amazed at the ReMedian spirit that has taken over. While I knew we would accept what we’ve been challenged with, I am in awe at the spirit in which it has been accompanied by our staff and our teams. We are 35+ years strong and our outstanding, dedicated team members contribute every day to our strength and stability. Recently, a staff member reminded me of our Founding Partner, David Strauss talking about “ReMed is a way of life and a second family” during new staff orientation over 25 years ago. And this remains true to this day. Every day, for our clients, the people on the front lines are family – caring for their daily needs, answering questions, celebrating holidays, honoring occasions that are personally important to individuals and, most importantly, providing a place where they and their families are assured that they safe and cared for. In this uncommon time, when we have kept our campuses closed and clients quarantined, ReMedians are not only caregivers and therapists, but ReMedians are, now more than ever, stand-in families and friends. This is part of what we do, even before the pandemic era. As expected, and as usual, during a time of uncertainty, our teams have stepped up and the bar has once again been raised. Our program staff are adapting to this “new normal” and doing things like setting up an OT activity room in a house, dressing in holiday tee shirts to keep things fun, taking advantage of the nice days by going out and working in our raised bed gardens, shooting hoops, planting seedlings, playing games and doing puzzles, while we ride this whole thing out together as ReMedians – all at an appropriate social distance!

Our Executive Team meets daily and supports what the programs need. Leadership Teams in all of our locations have worked quickly to operationalize how we will provide programming during this time of quarantine and how will manage any of our clients who might get sick. Our Clinical and Admissions Teams have carefully worked to establish new admission guidelines for anyone who is admitted to ReMed during this time. Our Recruiting Team is continuing to screen and hire new ReMedians. Our Outpatient Teams have have continued to serve people in our clinics, via telemedicine and for some, in their homes. Outpatient staff have been willingly deployed to work in the residential programs during this crisis. From an administrative standpoint, quick decisions have made on implementing work at home options for those who aren’t essential to being in the office daily (while daily skeleton crews work in the offices and clinics), policies have been quickly revised and developed related to direct care staff, and compliance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act has been communicated organization-wide so that all of our staff have this important information. Like everyone else, we've adapted to using technology A LOT more than we ever have. This was all done and materialized within a few short days. And, while all of this is going on, we are continuing to operate as a business on a daily basis (at 6 feet or more apart!).

Before COVID 19, I could have filled pages on how ReMedians step up and show up every single day – but this seemed like the best time because ReMedians step up and show up for the people we serve and for each other, especially during times when we need each other most. Thank you to all ReMedians for everything you do. #weloveourstaff #remed

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