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Timing, Priorities and a Global Pandemic

By now you must be wondering who I am, when I got here and what my plans are. To satisfy your curiosity – I am David Barrass, I got here in December and, as with most of us, my plans have been completely upended by COVID-19. Brief details, I have extensive background holding a variety of CEO and Chairman positions in the United Kingdom and Internationally across multiple industries (including manufacturing, commercial management and residential care) with ReMed being my first experience in treatment of traumatic brain injury.

I am knocked out and blown away. In the very short period of time I’ve worked at ReMed, watching the COVID-19 Pandemic take over every aspect of how we live, work and play, the professionalism and dedication of our leaders and team members has been nothing short of impressive. Clinical excellence and operationalizing our new normal has been efficient and effective. Ongoing treatment, therapy and support for each individual that we serve has been adapted to meet their specific needs and, of course, the necessity to do so under quarantine. Recovery Homes have been set up in each region for those that may need them and teams are established. And we continue to evaluate and admit individuals into our programs. As a Chairman, I don’t get explicit details of every little thing that is done but in my routine meetings with ReMed’s Executive Team, I do know that the health and safety of the people we serve and the team members that serve them is absolutely our first priority and that is evident. The strong individuals at ReMed have made strong teams and these teams have made ReMed work – even during a Global Pandemic.

So back to the beginning – what are my plans? If we were not in the throes COVID-19, I’d be out meeting other post-acute and rehabilitation executives and learning everything I could about this industry. I’d have spent a good part of the spring at the variety if rehabilitation, case management and workers’ compensation conferences getting to know our customers and other industry players. Obviously, the timing isn’t quite right but I am really looking forward to getting to know other organizations and our referrals sources when circumstances are eased and forums are rescheduled.

It’s an understatement to say I didn’t know what I was getting into when I made the decision to come to ReMed, given the unexpected turn that our world has taken. I do know that my limited exposure has left me impressed and eager to get to know our industry. I look forward to meeting you when the time is right. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy.

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