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For ReMed’s publication, A Guide for Families and Caregivers.  

This is a  resource that can be used now and again … a place where information can be found as needed. Our hope is that you find it easy-to-read, practical, and helpful.

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Brain Injury Associations

Most states have a Brain Injury Association dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with a brain injury and their family members through support, education and advocacy.

Brain Injury Association of America or call the National Brain Injury information Center at 1-800-444-6443

Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania  or call 866-635-7097

Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey  or call 800-669-4323

Brain Injury Association of Maryland  or call 800-221-6443

Funding Information and Resources


PA Department of Health
The PA DOH (717-772-2762) provides time limited head injury rehabilitation services for those who are eligible.  

The PA DOH  sponsors a PA Brain Injury Help Line, to link individuals with services and support groups in the Commonwealth – call 866-412-4755

PA State Medicaid Waiver Program (Dept. of Human Services)
PA DHS provides Home & Community Based Services, also known as Waiver services, to eligible individuals to help them remain as in their homes and communities. Individuals with acquired brain injuries may be eligible for these services.


Vocational Rehabilitation
State Vocational Rehabilitation programs assist eligible individuals with disabilities to prepare for, obtain or maintain employment.


PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services

New Jersey Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services