Scott Peters, MS, OTR/L

Clinical Director, Neurorehabilitation and Neurobehavioral System

Motivating his team to make a positive impact in even the most difficult of clinical situations.

Scott Peters’ role at ReMed is vital to many people on many levels. His management of the most difficult clinical situations has a positive impact on both clients and staff. He motivates his team to do their best on any given day, regardless of their individual role. The work in ReMed’s Neurobehavioral and Rehabilitation programs is demanding, but each client impacts Scott and he readily will tell you that he is moved by the individual stories of everyone that ReMed serves.


Scott graduated in 1979 with a degree in Occupational Therapy. He began working in an acute rehabilitation setting and became very interested in traumatic brain injury cases and the clinical challenges that went along with so many of them. He eagerly took a position at Bryn Mawr Rehab, a nationally recognized rehabilitation hospital, as a program coordinator. This gave him the opportunity to develop the program and learn more about treatment options for people who had sustained brain injuries at a time when literature was scant. The program grew and Scott took on more responsibility; eventually becoming Director of the Post Acute Rehabilitation Program.


In 1990, he joined ReMed as a Clinical Director, specializing in developing and overseeing the Rehabilitation and Neurobehavioral programs. Scott is a thoughtful clinician, who enjoys “digging into the literature” from various sources to see how it can be applied to the population he serves. He is well known for his work in the area of dual diagnosis in brain injury and substance abuse, severe neurobehavioral issues, awareness issues and vestibular treatment. Most recently, he has been researching information from the co–occurring disorders field and is finding interesting insights that are applicable to the treatment he oversees at ReMed.


While working full time at ReMed, he also obtained a Master of Science Degree in Health Administration in 2001 from St. Josephs University, with the goal of bringing a clinical sensitivity to business practice for effective administrative efforts.


Scott enjoys working with his team and case conceptualization. Admittedly, his first love is interacting with clients and he readily tells you that he has been highly influenced by ReMed’s co-founder, David Strauss’s view of treatment for brain injury and “this real life rehab thing.". Scott is respected and admired by his colleagues inside and outside of ReMed.