The Supervision Rating Scale (SRS)*

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Outpatient, Home & Community
Supported Living
Supported Living
Supported Living

The SRS measures the level of supervision that an individual receives from caregivers. The SRS is a 13 point ordinal scale that ranks in five categories:

  • Independent

  • Overnight Supervision

  • Part-Time Supervision

  • Full-Time Indirect Supervision

  • Full-Time Direct Supervision


SRS ratings are based upon interviews with the client and an informant (usually a caregiver), by a clinician.  The clinician scores by giving a rating that is closest to the actual amount of supervision the person receives (not predicted).

* from ReMed 2020 QM Report. The percentages above represent the percent of the individuals we serve in these programs who met their respective goal.

The Agitated Behavior Scale (ABS)

The ABS was developed to assess the nature and extent of an individual’s agitation during the acute phase of recovery from acquired brain injury.  It provides the treatment team with an assessment of the individual’s specific unwanted behaviors which assists in treatment planning. This scale is utilized in our neurobehavioral programs.