Staff Spotlight - Peter Wright, ReMed's Director of Learning and Development

Educational Background:

I received my bachelor's degree in Psychology from Penn State University in 1993. In 2005 I entered Graduate Studies at Penn State Great Valley. I took one course each semester for three years and earned my Masters in Business Administration, with a concentration in Biotech in Health Industry Management.

Years at ReMed and positions held:

I started as a Brain Injury Specialist (we called it “Facilitator” back then). I worked in that role for several years across many different programs and on every shift, including a lot of overnights on Christmas because I was young, single and carefree. I was a job coach for

a year, and also worked for the outpatient program. I dropped to part time for a while, and took a few short leaves to travel and see the world. Then I returned full time and was hired in the position of Clinical Specialist at IHI where I spent seven years working with a fantastic team building new program offerings and having a lot of laughs. In 2007 I was hired in the role of Training Specialist. I helped create new trainings on the strong foundations of talented people like Vicki Eicher, and eventually grew to take over primary management for ReMed’s educational programs, including ACBIS. In 2016, I was made Director of Learning and Development.

What do you like about what you do at ReMed? 

I get to work with a large group of very talented and committed people. The trainers and supervisors in our programs show every day what true team work is, going the extra mile to provide exceptional services under challenging circumstances.

Two things I enjoy most in life are making stuff and helping people. I'm supremely lucky that I have a job that allows me to do both of those things. I get to collaborate with bright experienced professionals to create training materials, work with multimedia, written and visual content, and come up with creative ways to communicate concepts that are important to the work we do.

Along with my partner in training, Dana, I support our care teams by teaching and managing systems, so I get to help make our business run better. And from a larger perspective, I work for a company that is having a tangible and positive impact on the lives of people. So opportunities to help are all over the place at ReMed.

How has your experience at ReMed been helpful for being successful in this position?

I think working in many different programs in different roles has given me a broad perspective that helps in my current role. I’ve been exposed to a variety of people, from those we serve and staff in different programs, to families and community members. I often tell new people that a secret weapon for learning and growing in this company is to work in different sites. It's also a great way to distinguish yourself by being versatile, flexible, and able to jump in wherever the need is.

What keeps you here at ReMed?
The strong mission and the amazing people. The work we do is challenging and rewarding, and we manage to have a lot of fun while doing it.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Spending time with family is the best. I met my wife Meaghan working at ReMed, so I’ll always be grateful for that. My son Tim is a teenager and we goof around a lot at home. I enjoy being outside, working in the yard, hiking or walking the dog. I’m a big movie fan, and I love discovering new music and books. The simpler I keep my life, the happier I am.