Supported Living

Stability.  Improvement.  Function.

ReMed’s Supported Living System provides a continuum of residential services offering varying levels of service on a 24 hour basis.


For individuals who require medical supported living due to clinical complexities and aging related to brain injury, ReMed’s Medical Supported Living Programs provide rehabilitation and clinical support for a variety of issues including self- care issues, significant mobility issues, transfers, medication trials, bowel and bladder training, skin care issues, tube feedings, spasticity and contractures. Levels of assistance are modified as improvement, or in some cases deterioration occurs.

ReMed’s Community Residential Programs are available for individuals requiring structured and semi-independent environments. Located in small homes and apartments within the community, vocational support, leisure planning and community access are integral to ensuring success for these individuals over time.

ReMed’s Supported Living Services focus on stability, improvement and function which ensures success over time for the individual. Respite care is also available.