The ReMedian Way

ReMed is proud of remaining strong for over three decades and recognizes that this is no small feat. Many factors have enabled ReMed to continue to move forward and grow. Outstanding team members who build solid relationships with our clients, their families and each other have certainly been a major contributor to our ongoing strength and stability. Simply stated,  we get involved, help each other out, and don’t take things for granted.


In 2016, we worked together to formulate what has made ReMed focused and successful; we call this this The ReMedian Way.  The ReMedian Way consists of 31 Fundamentals that define the behaviors we believe make ReMed a leading organization and one that has stayed true to its original mission.  Read more about The ReMedian Way

Fundamental of the Week


Every individual is unique, with different qualities and different goals. Understand their world. Know their challenges and frustrations. Interact in a way that honors their self-worth and respects their value as unique individuals. Demonstrate kindness, compassion and patience. Everyone wants a connection and wants to laugh.

"Every day we make decisions that impact the lives of those we serve.  I have the opportunity, often, to listen to our staff advocate with compassion, understanding and persistence for those we serve.  I listen and it's obvious that our staff are walking in the shoes of those we serve."  Elaine Sprainer, Vice President of Operations