Why Choose ReMed?

Depth of expertise, experience and clinical knowledge sets ReMed apart and ensures dedication to the success of each individual we serve.

If an individual with a brain injury has achieved initial medical goals and would benefit from a residential or outpatient rehabilitation program for continued improvement and preparation to resume roles and responsibilities,  ReMed can provide necessary interventions.   


ReMed’s residential services may be beneficial if:


  • The TBI survivor has persisting / resolving medical issues.

  • The TBI survivor has neurobehavioral issues which interfere with activities and relationships.

  • There may be a care burden in the home.

  • Home-based services don’t currently match the TBI survivor's needs.

  • Structured services to support improving functional skills are indicated.

  • A permanent supported living environment is indicated.


ReMed’s Outpatient, Home and Community services may be beneficial:


  • For specialized and focused evaluation and treatment of cognitive, physical and social deficits after a brain injury.

  • For assistance in the transition and generalization of skills from an inpatient or residential care provider to home settings.

  • As an alternative to a traditional outpatient or day program with a focus on working toward maximum  independence in the home and community.  

  • For optimal vocational readiness (including evaluation, work readiness and return to work) through structured strategies and job simulation tasks.

  • When accessed in conjunction with other community providers and to supplement the support available from family.


ReMed’s programs:


  • Provide an optimum environment to advance functional mobility, self-care and community reentry through  therapy and daily facilitation.


  • Provide Neurobehavioral Programming for individuals who require a highly specialized therapeutic environment which will identify and address problematic issues and behaviors through data collection and specialized treatment.


  • Offer ongoing skilled nursing and therapy services with specialized medical direction to manage / advance ongoing medical issues.


  • Target rehabilitation efforts toward individualized outcomes through collaboration with the family, establishing a readiness plan for ultimate discharge to home.

Supported Living
Outpatient, Home
& Community
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